Prof. Silva

Hi all!

I’m Dr. Andie Silva and I have been a professor at York College for 4 years.  I earned my PhD from Wayne State University in Detroit, and before that I was in Brazil. Belo Horizonte, to be exact:

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In addition to teaching, my research passions are book history, editing, and publishing, especially in the early modern period (1500-1700). You can see some of the articles I’ve written and my academic bonafides in my professional website.

I also am obsessed with popular culture. My current TV show obsessions are Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I’m also a Digital Humanist. You might want to know what that means for me: http://andiesilva.net/blog/are-you-a-digital-humanist/  

This semester I’m looking forward to exploring new ways of reading and thinking about bodies and the influence of ideas on physical/material selves. I encourage you to join in conversation (digital and otherwise) energetically and often. Let’s make this site and Twitter, as well as our classroom a place we look forward to entering every week!

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